Carnival Cruise Line passengers stuck in elevator, then banned for future cruises

Los Angeles, California (April 5th, 2019) - Jacob Burrola and friends were having a great time onboard their Carnival Cruise Line ship Inspiration. They departed from Los Angeles, California for a 3-day voyage but their weekend getaway didn’t end they way they thought it would. What was suppose to be a nice, relaxing Carnival Cruise Mexico vacation quickly turned into nightmare when the elevator they were riding in suddenly stopped due to a possible cable snapping. Jacob and his buddies were stuck around the 7th floor of the Carnival ship.

They state that they attempted to reach help via the emergency button but were left stranded due to the button not working. When help did finally arrive, the men claim they did not receive a warm, helping attitude from the crew. Instead, the crew were rude and proceeded to mock them. Things quickly escalated when a crew member tried to pry the elevator open with a box wrench. When he did so, the elevator began to slip more.

Having been stuck for over an hour, the men desperately wanted to get out of the elevator As seen in the video, the men were told they could not help in prying the door open and that it would not hurt them to be in there for another 45 minutes. It’s even being claimed that one crew member told them they would be stuck in there forever.

During the time in the elevator a member of the party had fainted.

Eventually the men were freed. But the story doesn’t end there.

When they exited, they were asked by Carnival Cruise Line crew members to sign a waiver releasing the company from any liability. They refused and went about their cruise.

Upon departure on Monday morning, the men received a notice from Carnival’s Master, also signed by the ship’s captain and chief security officer stating that they were banned from any and all Carnival ships in the future. The letter claimed the ban was due to the violation of ship rules though no specific violation or rule was mentioned. The only reason the men can think of for the ban? Their refusal to sign the waiver.

The men maintain that alcohol was not to blame and don’t take claim to any wrong doing. So far, Carnival has not issued a statement regarding the incident.

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